петък, 7 март 2014 г.

Update / Birthday letter

Hey ladies

how are you? This is just a random post to update you with .. everything that’s not going on with me …

I think I need to start doing a ‘My life’ posts or start a journal or something … I have these thoughts recently, and I think I need to write them down somewhere. Not that I’ll ever read them again but I need to .. write. Well, that was a good explanation :) haha

A blogger i've been enjoing lately is Mannierox (link for Mannie's blog). She's really honest and i love that. If you don't know who she is just go see her blog and say i've said Hi :)
I’ve been having a nice relaxing days lately. I’m watching all 6 seasons of  ‘Sex and the city’. That’s my all time favorite show and a guilty pleasure from time to time. Not going to lie, I’ve already watched all of the seasons  a couple of times, but I’m like that. I like to watch a movie or a show  over and over again.

Can’t wait for spring to be here. I recently realized that spring is definitely my favorite season. I feel really inspired in spring

… what else …

Oh I’m starting training again. Haven’t been to the gym since… oh god.. November?! Shiiit.. I really really enjoy going to the gym and I’ve set a goal for myself. Generally I HATE running! This is the worst thing for me to do,EVER! But, I’ve set a goal to run until I like it! I’m pretty good with setting and reaching goals. I swear, I’ll run the crap out of me, and in the end I’ll enjoy it!
..Oh yeah, it’s my birthday today.. I’m turning 22 … It’s fine .. this Is my wish to myself

‘Hi dear Me,
I know it’s not easy being Me, but I just wanted to say that I like Me, I think I’m turning into a great person and I’m proud of Me J I wish myself to never ever give up on my dreams, to work hard for what I want and to be happy for every day spent with my family, friends and loved ones. Try to remember that life is good, and I am making my life what I want it to be!
 So happy 22th birthday dear self!’