петък, 30 май 2014 г.

Clothing haul :)

Hey guys :)

Today I have a clothing haul for you. It’s just a few things a picked up recently.

I’ve never been a “dress” girl, but recently I’ve been thinking about really simple casual dresses.
This one I’ve picked up at Caliope. It’s really cute and it can be dressed up or dressed down.

The second one is very very simple black t-shirt dress. Basically it’s a long t-shirt. It has a pearl button on the back and that’s it. I think sneakers with it.

These two shirts I’ve picked up from Terranova. They’re really basic, to throw on with jeans and whatever shoes and go. They were really cheap too.

And the last thing is this black sk8r skirt ;D 

it's not in large ;D

Really cute, kind of .. short, basic, black …

So that’s everything in my little clothing shop. I just want to say that everything in this haul is really cheap and affordable.
See ya :P

петък, 23 май 2014 г.

Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil

Hey guys :)

It’s hair day on my blog today :)

I’ll tell you about a new product that I’ve been using just a couple of times, but I really like.
It’s the Bumble&Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible oil.

I have really long thick hair and I like everything that will make my hair soft and shiny and pretty. I’m not really picky with shampoo or conditioner, but I really enjoy having a hair oil. I like to put something in my hair after I’ve washed it, like a leave-in conditioner.
It claims that it has an UV filters, and that it also protects the hair from heat. 

I’ll show you what says on the back.

So I wash my hair, I condition it, put a mask or whatever, and after I get out of the shower I towel dry my hair or let it air dry for … half an hour. Then I pump 1 pump of the oil in my palms and put it in my hair. I don’t put it too close to the scalp. Only on the length of the hair, and work it trough with my fingers. Then I use a hairdryer or let it air dry. Sometimes I use a flat iron to straighten or curl it … In the end my hair feels amazing! It’s lot smoother, a lot softer and it really has more shine. I really like it!

If you have some amazing hair products that you love, please let  me know, I would love to try them!

Have a nice day everyone :)

вторник, 20 май 2014 г.

DIY Brow gel

My first DIY ! ^^

It’s a DIY brow gel. REALLY easy!
So, you’ll need …

  • Clean mascara tube. I’m using a sample size.
  • The cheapest hair gel that you can find.
  • And a big squirt without a pin!

So, it’s really easy:
You just suck the gel with the squirt and squirt it back in the mascara tube. Be careful how much gel you’re putting in the tube. Don’t put too much.
And you have a brow gel! :)