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Fall Favorites 2013 :)

Hey guys! I am so sorry for not been able to write here for the last couple of weeks. I was super busy and tired. I apologize!
The fall is over so let’s get into my fall favorites for 2013. :)

I have all sort of things.

For beauty favorites I have a few things.

The first one is the Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I use it after Clinique clarifying lotion 2 for normal to dry skin, and I love it. It really made difference in my skin. It hydrates it, makes it really soft and plump. I really love it!

Next is the Dove Nutritive solutions conditioner. I’ve talked about it in my last article, so you can read more about it there. I’ll just say I really like it, it makes my hair soft and nourished.

I’ve been really liking a deep purple/ plumy kind of colored eyeshadow for fall. I’m not going to say the name of this exact eyeshadow because it’s discontinued, but this kind of color I really like. It makes my greenish eyes pop. I like to put it all over the lid and blend it out above the crease with a little bit of my bronzer. It makes it blend really pretty. 

i'm sorry for the poor picture, it's the best one i could take

For fragrance this fall I’ve been wearing DKNY Pure Rose. It’s not really a fall fragrance, but I loved it. It smells clean and fresh and flowery. I love it, it makes me feel happy. :)

One boring favorite is a new deodorant I’ve tried. It’s  the Nivea Invisible for black and white. I was using Garnier also for … anti-white marks, but I decided to try this one because my boyfriend use the men one and really likes it. I do like this more than the Garnier one. I don’t really like the smell better, but for anti-white protection it’s better.

Now for some non-beauty favorites.

First one is scarves. I LOVE SCARVES! I like big, round, knitted scarves. This is my green one. I have a berry red one. I bought another reddish one the other day from H&M. Just scarves in general. LOVE THEM.

The other thing is my new wallpapers in my room. I’ve had a lavender/grey-ish  colored room for the couple last years and I loved it, but it was time for change. Now my room is more neutral, which I love. I’m really neutral, natural kind of person. I just like these colors. Brown, grey, taupe, beige.. 

This is not a new thing. I have it for about two and half years and I loved it from the begging, but I rediscovered my love  for it this month. It’s my car. It needed a serious repair this month, and for the few days I didn’t have it I realize how much I love my car. And it’s not because I’m spoiled and can’t live without a car. It’s just MY car. I love driving in general, but I love driving MY car so much more. It really makes me happy, and calms me, and always makes me feel better. I probably sound mental for most of you , but I’m sure there is someone who will understand me. :)

And the last thing is a band. Die Antwoord . They’re African and weird and .. really weird, and I LOVE them. They’re definitely not everyones cup of tea. I needed about a month to decide if I really like them or I really hate them. I’ll link them so you can decide for yourself :)

So, that’s it for my fall favorites for 2013
 I’m so excited for winter and for Christmas! Although I really can’t stand the cold, the snow is so pretty, and the winter in general is so beautiful season, and Christmas is my favorite time of the year!
See you guys next time :P

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