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Hello :)

Today I’m doing something different for my blog, but I would like to do it more often.
I’m doing a fashion post :)

I’m doing it with my besty Sofia. You’ll see mine and hers answers.

1.What is the oldest item in you closet?

Dilly: Mine is this blue shirt, which belonged to my mother. She bought it when she was my age. I love it, and I wear it a lot!
Sofia: These shorts are my oldest item of clothing. Originally they weren’t even shorts :D They were long jeans, but I cut them. It was about .. 7-8 years ago.

2.What is the newest item? 

Dilly: We both bought a swim suits a week or two ago. Mine’s the teal, and hers is the navy and white one.

3.What is the most expensive item in your closet?
Dilly: I don’t buy a lot of expensive clothing. My most expensive is my prom dress.

Sofia: Mine are these boots. They are a lot more expensive than they look. I bought them 5-6 years ago.

4.What is the cheapest item that you actually use?
Dilly: It’s my favorite jumper!  I bought it from a trift store, it was really cheap.

Sofia: I also have a trift shop find and it’s this sweather.

5.What was the biggest bargain?
Dilly: Definitely my jean jacket and my black maxi skirt, both trift finds. Also my Zara booties, real leather , really cheap, they are new(not trifted).

Sofia: My navy panths and my favorite (right now) scarf. Actually we both have this scarf. :)

6.What was the biggest waste of money?
Dilly: Both of my items for this question weren’t expensive, but I have never worn them yet, so they are a waste of money for me. My caramel heels and my galaxy leggings(which I’m still inlove with, but haven’t figured out how to style them).

Sofia: It’s the same thing here. Not expensive, but haven’t wore it at all. It’s this dress from Mango, it has really low back.
Dilly: But I’ll wear it! :D

So guys I hope you enjoyed our Closet Confidential tag. 

I’ll tag a couple of people, but anyone who want can do it!

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