понеделник, 23 септември 2013 г.

TAG: The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys!
The lovely Maggi from http://icemagi.blogspot.com/ tagged me to do this tag, so thank you Maggi :)
So let’s get started

First thing :
The Rules
1.Thank the person who gave you this award.
2.Include a link to their blog.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.
4.Share 7 things about yourself. :)

The first two things are done, so now let’s nominate 15 bloggers :)

1.       http://glezla.blogspot.com/
2.       http://emanuelapopova.blogspot.com/
3.       http://the-beauty-expert.blogspot.com/
4.       http://cosmetics-allaboutgirlsmania.blogspot.com/
5.       http://srslywhatdoesit.blogspot.com/
6.       http://inside-mymakeupbag.blogspot.com/
7.       http://beautysuitcases.blogspot.com/
8.       http://bulgarianflower.blogspot.com/
9.       http://eelliess.blogspot.com/
10.   http://idaandmakeup.blogspot.com/
11.   http://hrismakeup.blogspot.com/
12.   http://www.makeupzonesilva.com/
13.   http://maquilab.blogspot.com/
14.   http://mishadel.blogspot.com/
15.   http://myboxofbeauty.blogspot.com/

Now, 7 things about me…
1.       I love breakfast and it’s the most important meal for me!
2.       I say what I think, and no one can make me lie if I don’t want to.
3.       I have 5 best girlfriends, and we all are really different from one another.
4.       When I was in highschool I loved going to school!
5.       I love reading books!
6.       I reaaaaaally love fashion!
7.       I hate doing my hair.

So, that was from me today. I hope you enjoyed  and I’ll see you gyus later :)

5 коментара:

  1. Беше ми много приятно да прочета отговорите ти! Без 3тото нещо във всичко друго си приличаме! :)

    1. haha :) Много ти благодаря за тага, за мен беше удоволствие да го направя! :)

  2. Благодаря ти за тага! :) Ето го и него: http://eelliess.blogspot.com/2013/09/tag-versatile-blogger-award.html

  3. Благодаря ти за тага до 1-2 дена ще го направя :)

  4. Аз закъснях с реакцията, тъй като нямах време за блогът си напоследък. Благодаря ти много за ТАГА:)