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NAIL TALK :Golden Rose Nail Hardener

Hey ladies :)
Long time no see.. I’m sorry for it, but recently I’ve been lacking inspiration or things to write about. I’m sorry, what ever, moving on. :)

Today we’ll talk nails. I’ll share something that really impressed me. 

It’s the Golden Rose nail Hardener. Someone has told me for this product a long time ago and I always had it in the back of my mind. I was at Lilly just looking and I saw Golden Rose and somehow I remembered for it. I wasn’t sure if the person who told me said “pink” or “orange” nail hardener. I did not see a pink one, so I bought the orange ;D It was about 4lv.

After just … one or two times putting it on I noticed my nails are getting longer, which means they’re getting stronger. I really did not expect it to make my nails stronger at all, but it did! And after the first use …. Wow, definitely not expecting it!

I’ll continue using it for sure, because I’ve been using it may be not even a month. My nails are always peeling, so I’ll wait for the thin parts to grow out, and see how it will be then.
I recommend it for sure!

Also, I’ve been thinking to start doing a lifestyle posts, if you ‘d like them.. let me know :)

See you next time ;)

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