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Hey gyus :)

After watching Lilly Pebbles and VivanaDoesMakeup  Winter Must-haves video on the DailyMix channel, I was inspired to write a post on my favorite winter products. 

So, there it is,
My Winter Must-haves

I have some skin products and two random things :)

Starting with face, my first product is the Flormar Clean Care Apricot Scrub. I have a normal/dry skin so I really like face scrubs for getting all the dry flakes off my face. It’s really nice product, it’s creamy and the exfoliating particles are gentle, not too harsh on the skin. The smell is light, not strong and disturbing. It leaves the skin nice and soft and hydrated. And it’s cheap too! I like it, but I’m not sure if you can find it in other countries.

Another face product is the Estee Lauder Triple Crème Skin Rehydrator. It’s a hydrating mask product that hydrates and revitalizes the skin. It’s said to apply and tissue off after 10-15min. but I put it at night and sleep with it. I do not do this every night, may be 2-3 times a week. In the morning my skin is feeling fresh and hydrated and calm. Love it!

My lip product right now is the I love… blueberry & smoothie lip balm. First, the smell…. Oh my god… it smells absolutely delicious! It’s one of those lip balms in jar. It’s nice, it’s smooth and creamy and leaves a glossy finish. It hydrates my lips. It’s not THE BEST lip balm ever, but it’s fine, I like it.

For my hair I use the LINEA BIO Deep Hydrating Mask For dry and damaged hair. My mom bought this mask, because she couldn’t find the one she uses regularly. My hair is quite normal, it’s not really dry or damaged, but I REALLY like this mask! It hydrates my hair really nice! I was not expecting this at all! It leaves my hair smooth and soft and shiny.. amazing product, really cheap. Definitely recommend it !

Two body products. Honestly, I was not really a huge body products lover. I became one recently.

The first thing is the Clinique Sparkle Skin body exfoliating cream. Really good friend of mine gave me this a month or two ago and I’ve been obsessed with it since! It’s the first body exfoliant i’m using, and it amazing! It makes your skin really soft! It has really minty smell which I love. I want to try other ones as well when I finish it, although I know it’s one of the best ones out there.

After exfoliating my skin I use the Blanchette B. Natural Care Body Lotion for dry and sensitive skin. It’s really cheap one from the supermarket but it gets the job done. It has light, clean smell. I would say it’s more cream than lotion, it’s thicker. I like that it comes with a pump. It’s nice product. 

One last skin product. A hand cream. I really need a hand cream in the winter time. As I said my skin is kind of on the dry side and my hands get really dry in the winter. To the point it hurts! I’ve used a lot of hand creams and I haven’t really find a one that I really like. At the moment I’m using a Rubella Vitamin hand cream that I bought on the go. It’s ok. It’s not too slippery or thick, the smell is like most hand creams. It’s nothing super amazing, but it works for my dry hands.

So, two more random products.

I’m wearing a contact lenses every day. In the winter my eyes get dry and irritated from the cold. I bought these eye drops on recommendation of a friend that works in an optics, and she said they were really good and gentle, and you can put them even when you’re wearing contacts. They are the Oftylla Chamomille extract Eye drops for red eyes. They are Freaking amazing! They calm my eyes and get rid of any redness really quick. I really like them! Definitely will continue using them even after the winter.

Last, but definitely not least, my huge scarf! It’s from H&M, it’s huge, and really soft, and really warm, and it’s red-ish berry color (which is one of my favorite colors) and I can snuggle in it… it’s amaziiiing! It’s my favorite scarf this year, for sure. I’ve been wearing it almost every single day since I’ve got it two months ago! 

So, that’s it for my winter must-haves. I’m sorry it’s so long of a post, if you're still here with me till now- thank you, I love you! :)
I’m thinking my next post will be a 2014 Wishlist.. we’ll see..

Have a nice day and an amazing weekend, and I’ll see you guys next time! :)

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