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TOP 5 Fall Favorites 2014

Hey guys :)

Today I felt like sharing my TOP 5 FALL FAVORITES, while it’s still fall…

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1. The first thing is the DSQUARED SheWOOD perfume.

 This is my favorite perfume for quite some time now. It’s really special for me and my best girlfriends, because we all love it so much! I’ll paste the exact  description for the perfume, instead of trying to explain it myself.

The creation was started from the base of the perfume for men and was shaped by adding notes and aromas of a fragrance for women. This is not a classic girly perfume, but can be categorized as a unisex. The fragrance aims at women who like using perfumes for men.
The top notes incorporate lemon, neroli and jasmine, the heart hides violet, heliotrope and musk, while the base is composed of cedar, vetiver and amber.

2. Estee Lauder’s Envy lipstick in 430 Dominant.

from the web

from the web

It’s amazing cold toned fuchsia color. I love this kind of colors on my skin tone. I’m pretty pale so it brings freshness to my face. The lipstick itself is really creamy and soft on the lips, while it’s REALLY pigmented!

3.   A face powder I’ve been enjoying lately is the Golden Rose Mineral Terracotta Powder in color 05.

 It’s a mineral powder with two parts. A really light one and a more tan one. A friend of mine uses the lighter part as a highlighter on her cheekbones, and that’s how I found about it. I use it in two ways. I use both sides all over the face for a glow, or I use the darker side as a blush/bronzing powder just on the cheekbones. And the best part is that it’s really cheap ;)
4. This is a strange thing I like.. You see, I’ve never liked tea, since I was little I remember hating tea. But, I’ve noticed the last ….two or three years, every fall/winter season, when the weather gets chilly, I become obsessed with tea. I don’t know why, it’s really strange for me..but I like it! And as it’s already November and my tea obsession is ON! I like mint tea, green tea, I like some.. Vanilla with some fruit teas…. If you have any recommendations for tea please let me know in the comments.

5. The last thing in my top 5 Fall Favorites for this year are my new ankle booties.

 They are grey-ish/green suede with a hidden platform. They are really easy to walk in because it’s not a heal, but a platform, that still gives a little height. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that they are kind of width around the ankle, and sometimes my foot slips out of the shoe a little.  But I love them anyway! ;D


That’s for my Top 5 Fall Favorites for this year.
See you next time :P

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