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BuyinCoins.com HAUL

Hey guys :)

Today I'll show you what I bought from BuyinCoins.com 
I can't remember who I saw that was purchasing from the site. It's a Chinese site with everything you can imagine in it, and it's reaaaaaally cheap. They have free worldwide shipping. My things came for about 20 days.

 Some things I've tried already, but not everything. I'll give you the exact link for the product.

The first thing I bought was the blue set of 10 brushes.
They're all kabuki brushes. 5 big ones, and 5 small ones.

For the big ones:
1st flat kabuki - tried it with liquid foundation, don't liked it for that. I'll try it with other things.
2nd pointy kabuki - tried it for contouring, loved it.
3rd rounded angled kabuki - tried it for blush, loved it.
4th rounded kabuki - I think I haven't tried this one yet
5th flat angled kabuki - haven't tried this one also.

 Small brushes:
1st flat angled mini kabuki - haven't tried it yet.
2nd flat top mini kabuki - amazing for spot concealing.
3rd pointy top mini kabuki - haven't tried it yet.
4th rounded top mini kabuki - amazing for concealing under the eye.
5th rounded angled mini kabuki - like it for cream shadows, bases, packing on the color and making the V shape in the outer corner.

These two I bought separate.  I like them both.(link for them)
The round one I tried with powder and bronzer and blush. Amazing! Love it.
The tapered one I tried with liquid foundation. I like it, it gives kind of sheer coverage, I can't say I love it, but I like it.
And they are soooooo soft! Amazing soft!

These two I also bought  separate. They are both really nice blending brushes. The white one is like MAC's 217, and the black one is like MAC's 224.

Oh don't these lashes look amazing!?
Yeah..well, they're not.
They look great. They look natural,with a really thin base... Yes, it's thin, BUT it's impossible to curve it so it can stick to your eye. It's thin, but it's so freaking hard!
We'll see.. I'll try them a couple more times..I was thinking that I can cut them apart and use them like individuals ..

And the last thing in my haul are these fakelash twizers. I haven't tried them yet, but if they make lash application easier - cool, if not - oh well.. it's not a big deal.

So this is my haul. I'll definitely buy from there again. If you have any questions, leave them below. :)

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