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CLINIQUE Neutral Territory 2 Palette

Hey gyus :)
As we all know everyone and their mother talks about nude palettes right know. So I've decided to show you one that not so many people have talked about.

The Clinique Neutral Territory 2 Palette./I don't know if there has been 1 before that/

First of all, the packaging looks nice, it's mirrored, it's not heavy, it's small and compact. On the back there's the names of the shadows.When you open it, it has a big mirror, which is a plus. It has a two-sided brush, one side is an aplicator and the other side is a blending brush, which is a good idea, but I don't know how well they perform.

There is 8 shades, all natural, neutral.I like that they're from really light, white, colors to really dark brown, and there's a medium shades also. They have variations.They're not all light, and no dark colors, or all the same medium shade.

It's not really warm or cold tone, there is both. They're all shimmery, some more than others, but there's definitely no matte colors.

without flash

with flash

The shadows feel really smooth and buttery. They have good pigmentation, and they're easy to blend. I can't tell you how long-lasting they are on their own, because I always use a base.

Overall, a really nice neutral palette. I would like if there were a few mattes, but hey.. :)

Hope you enjoyed, see you next time :P

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