понеделник, 25 април 2016 г.

Colgate Max White Expert White

Hello :)

Last week I got a package from Colgate Palmolive Adria. Thank you for the stuff you sent me :)

 Now, Colgate have released a new tooth paste, The Colgate MAX WHITE EXPERT WHITE, which is supposed to make your teeth whiter in only 5 days! I haven’t tried it yet, but I will make a picture of my teeth on day 1 and 5 days later, to see if my teeth are whiter. You will be able too see it on my FB page ;)
They say it’s the perfect tooth paste for daily use, that contains whitening ingredients used by dentists. 

In the theme of the Colgate’s signature red, they have sent me a red nail polish and a red lipstick, both from Oriflame. So 5 days later when your teeth are whiter you won’t be scared to wear a red lip! ;)

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