петък, 19 февруари 2016 г.


Hey guys

Today I have very exciting blog post!

So at the beginning of January I won a CarahAmeles giveaway! If you don’t know who Carah is, you should check her Youtube channel. I’ve been watching both of her channels for years, I mean like … 6-7-8 years! She’s very nice person and she has the most amazing, cute family!

Now on to the price! Carah send me the Kiko stuff that the giveaway was for and some extra bits.  Be aware I haven’t tried most of these things yet. If you’d like me to make a review on some product just write it in the comments.


L to R: Benefit Dallas, Kiko Bronzer and Kiko Contour Palette

L to R: Kiko lipstick,The Balm Read My Lips Gloss, NYX Whipped Lip and Cheek Souffle, Kiko Double Stick 10 hour Lipstick

 I am so lucky and thankful for everything that I got!

If you like a review on something please let me know. :)

 See ya

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