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Small Haul / January 2016

Hello guys

I don’t buy many beauty products now days, because I feel like I have so many already that I need to go through before buying new ones. With that being said, I bought a few things over the past week and now I’m gone share them with you.

Some skincare/ haircare  bits:

Batiste Dry Shampoo – I heard batiste is now sold Lilly, so when I finished up my other dry shampoo I went and got Batiste Dry Shampoo for brunettes. I’m not the biggest user of dry shampoo, but I wanted to try one for dark hair, because my hair is so dark that every normal one leaves a white cast in my hair. I’ve used it ones and I like it so far.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Everyone and their grandma have used this. I’ve used it before and I like it. It takes my make up super easy and I like it because it does not have any smell. I still like Bioderma more, but there’s a big price difference for almost the same product.
Nivea Soothing Cleansing Mousse for dry and sensitive skin – I’ve used this before also and it’s okay, it’s not my favorite. But this time it’s for my boyfriend who has The most dry and Super sensitive skin. I think he’ll like it better than I did.

Cien SOS Hand Concentrate – I heard Julia talking about this hand cream on her channel, and if she recommends something I’m getting it! You can find Cien in Lidl and this cream is like … 2lv or 1… it’s like nothing…. AND it makes your hands softer than a baby’s butt! It’s super, super thick, almost feels like pure Vaseline, but it absorbs so fast! I use it at night and I loooooooove it! 

Now for the makeup bits:

I went to H&M a few days ago and of course I got sucked in the beauty section and on the register…

H&M Eye Color-to-go – it’s a chubby eye pencil, like a cream eye shadow but in pencil form. I really like the other cream eye shadows from H&M in the pods, but I wanted to try the pencils. And because I have one Avon cream eye shadow that I love, but I feel like it’s drying out, I decided to go for similar color. I picked up Fairytale, which is bronzy-champagne-pinky color. It looks gorgeous will see how it acts on the eyes.

Catrice Long lasting Brow Definer – I’ve been looking for brow product like this for some time now and I finally got one. I like it so far, it really is long lasting and it look really natural on the brows. The one thing I don’t like is the color. I don’t know if they have any other colors. This was the only one where I got it from. It would be great if they have more, because this brown is light and warm. My hair and my brows are super dark and ash-y, and it’s not the best color for me. 

And 2 lip glosses

In Aurora and Zoe – they were at the register and were like 3lv/1.50 I got Zoe and then I picked up Aurora and I saw that it was called Aurora and I LOVE Sleeping Beauty so I couldn’t not get it although I don’t need them both, I just don’t need them, I don’t need any of them if I have to be honest, but that’s another story. Aurora is really pretty, but Zoe is like a clear gloss, no color. The smell - ..they smell Amazing! They smell just like these Haribo yellow and pink gummy-foamy bears… delish!

So that’s it from me for now, I’ll see you in my Lazy Weekend Makeup ;)

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