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Another haul 3.2016

Hey guys

Today I have another haul for you. I woke up and I just wanted to buy some things. I needed a new BB/CC cream/tinted moisturizer and that gave me the perfect excuse to go to the drugstore!

The nearest drugstore is Lilly. I went alone which gave me the chance to walk around for about an hour…and I walked out with a huge bag! I’ll show you just the beauty bits I bought.

Like I said I needed a new BB/CC cream/ tinted moisturizer and I looked at all the ones that they had and honestly… I did not like any other than the one I bought. All of them were either really pink or really dark. I was looking at the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream for quite a while and I finally bought it. It promises a “Luminous complexion & smooth skin; 24hr hydration; SPF15” I would love a higher SPF, but it’s fine. I got mine in the lightest shade 31 Ivory.

I spotted this and I decided it would be good for underneath makeup, like a primer. It’s the L’oreal Code  Luminize. I just don’t get why it’s 15ml?! It’s not a eye cream.. Oh and it was on sale.

My favorite Oil-Based nail polish remover from Lilly’s’ own brand.

I used up my cuticle remover which I had for.. a year at least, so I saw the Essence Studio Nails Nail Cuticle Pen Remover, it looks interesting.

Later on a saw the Perfect Cuticle Remover which is the one I used up, so I picked this one also.

I needed a new peachy blush for my kit, and I had seen this one in a blog post a day ago so I bought it. It’s the Flormar Pretty Compact Blush-On in Soft Peach. It looks super pretty :)

It looks way more pinky than it is. It's much more peach color

Two nail polishes. As you might have seen in my Nail Polish Collection post, I’m not really colorful nails kinda person. Both nude colors, one is Catrice Luxury Nudes in 09 Dreamin’ Bohemian, the other one is Perfect Gel Look in …545 may be.. not sure

I needed a hair mask. I randomly picked Syoss Repar Therapy. i've used it ones and i like it for now.

Two last things

Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Wipes which were on sale and are completely dried out!

Lilly own brand Fixing Spray Long Lasting Makeup it was really cheap so I thought I’ll try it.

Now on some things that are not from this trip to Lilly.

From Lidl I bought the Cien Body butter with Coconut..smells amazing, haven’t tried it on the body yet.

The Pom Pon Make-up Removing wipes, as the Nivea ones were all dried out! I love these.

I’ve heard SO MUCH about the Golden Rose Matte Lipstick Crayons from all the Bulgarian Beauty bloggers that I couldn’t past them. Now, I have already worn them for few days, and I have to say they are pretty good! I was expecting them to be much more drying on the lips, and they’re not that bad at all! My Revlon Matte.. what was called..Matte crayon lipstick, you know what I’m talking about, is much, much more drying! I really like them! I have number 18 which is almost the exact color of my lips and 05 which is a blood red…gorgeous! 

I hope it won't be any more hauls at least for a month! :D

Have an amazing day guys! 

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